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Unsure about COVID vaccines?

Information for those unsure and hesitant about safety, effectiveness, pregnancy, long-term risks, new technology vaccine risks, need when fit and healthy, Govt trust issues  – many questions answered including from concerned readers feedback questions

GP Resources

Pdf summaries of many subjects including: cleaning, disinfection, sterilisation, our microbiome, emerging antibiotic resistance and  associated patient education flyers, transmission based precautions, wounds, influenza vaccine information, Covering Cough poster, whooping cough, scabies, pharmacology of antibiotics, etc 

Rest Homes & LTCF Resources

Topics include: Infection Prevention & Control Practices, environmental hygiene issues, transmission precautions, LTCF Microbe issues, UTI in LTCF and adverse impact of dipsticks, key factors promoting MDRO antibiotic resistance spread, Norovirus, Outbreak summary process, surveillance, benchmarking, etc

About Us

Our team are here to better inform and present and provide feedback on many IPC topics and principles.  Our key contributors have a wide depth of experience including hospitals, rest homes, the community, including ethics and philosophy.

Other services:

Continuing Medical Education

Customised lectures are available on a wide range of Infection Prevention & Control topics 

Outbreak Event Support – “What do I do now?”

For example: Norovirus, Scabies, MRSA, Influenza, multiply resistant organisms (MRSA, ESBL, VRE) and new novel organism outbreaks (eg SARS, ‘swine flu’, etc).

Using appropriate standards, guidelines and recommendations your facility will be able to set up, manage and maintain an effective infection control programme. This will include standard precautions, hand hygiene, blood body fluid management, care of the infectious patient, sharps and waste disposal, environmental cleaning, disinfection, sterilisation, linen and laundry, kitchen, specimen collection, and employee health.

Links for Infection Control

Listed below are links to helpful websites that provide supplementary information around Infection Control and patient care:


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